Who We Are

Les Aimants is a high end bridal collection of made-to-order gowns for the modern, unique, bride. Conceived to celebrate diversity and designed with our zero-waste sustainable manufacturing platform, we offer unparalleled choice without harming the earth.

The Challenge

In recent years, the bridal industry has steadily elevated designs, materials, trends, and shapes. However the constraints and costs of these refinements have risen as well, without much thought for the bride’s workload, stress level, or pocketbook.

As much as the industry has grown and modernized, behind the scenes the roadblocks to ease and affordability remain the same.

Most designers require a gown order to be placed at least 6 to 8 months ahead of the wedding date. Because of this, showrooms and boutiques have limited options to show brides based on their timeframes, and the options for a last minute bride are almost non-existent. 

A gown designed by an established bridal house is rarely customizable. The gown is sold as-is, and brides miss the opportunity to make their wedding gown as unique as they are.

Finally, there are nearly always extra costs that arise in the process of finding, altering, and receiving a wedding gown. Most prices do not include alteration estimates or shipping costs, and this can cause brides to be worn down by costs, or even to walk away from a dress they love.

Our Vision

Les Aimants is an American bridal collection of mix & match luxury tops and bottoms that attach at the waist to create a final, unique, gown. Each design is offered in a choice of either lace or embroidered material, giving you the choice to choose what is the most suitable for your style. With 11 tops and 6 bottoms, there are 50 possible combinations from our first collection, giving you every tool to select the perfect gown.

At Les Aimants, we want to make things easier for you which is why we will deliver our gown within 12 weeks of its order, with the promise of a true fit. 


By working with the most advanced 3D fitting technologies, that allows us to create a custom fitted gown for each bride without the hassle and expense of large alterations - speeding up the process and ensuring the highest quality results.